Project Description

Online Spanish Lessons

Our Online Spanish courses offer lessons tailored to the students’ needs, learning style, and schedule. Students learn with confidence and have the time and flexibility to connect from their home or office around the world. 

The Course:

Our 1 to 1 Online Spanish courses are tailored to meet the needs and goals of each student within the curriculum. The course offers personalized attention from our experienced and dedicated teachers to ensure quicker and more effective language learning. Students are able to select the hours and days of study, and each lesson is tailored to their specific needs, learning style, and goals. The individual attention means students progress quickly and confidently with their Spanish learning while having time to immerse themselves in the culture of Panama and/or continue to work.

What to Expect

The student can expect to significantly improve their level of Spanish in the shortest time possible. Our teachers concentrate on the language skills the student finds most difficult to ensure he or she learns quickly and effectively.

Flexibility and individual attention = Confident Learning

Classes  are tailored to each student’s interests, learning style, and needs. The student will be able to focus on their errors and problem areas in a supportive one on one environment Individual attention and feedback ensures the student learns as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Teachers focus on building the student´s confidence in speaking, reading, writing and listening, progress is charted throughout the course which means students learn better and faster.

Authentic materials

Our teaching materials have been designed to enable students to communicate easily and effectively using real Spanish. Teachers use quality lesson plans and supplement them with newspapers, magazines, music, and other authentic materials. These extra materials perfectly complement the textbook and create more realistic lessons.

Relaxed and enjoyable classroom activities

Happy students learns more. Our teachers aim to create a relaxed and fun learning environment that encourages student interaction while ensuring organized and focused lessons.

Teaching Framework

All of our programs are aligned with and based on the Cervantes Institute. Our curriculum and teaching plans are framed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

How does it work?

First you take a placement exam to figure out your current level. If you’re a total beginner no need for the test. However, as we have 9 levels (Beginner 1,2,3, Intermediate 1,2,3, and Advanced 1,2,3) this will help your teacher prepare for your class. Then you schedule the class at day and time that works for you. We have availability from 7am to 8pm (Panama time) so we can almost always find a time that works for you. Once your class is scheduled, your teacher will be in touch by email to send you material, homework, and anything else you need for the class. They will email you a Zoom invite to the class so you can join the class from the comfort of your computer or phone without having to register or login beforehand. After the class they will send you short feedback form to see how it went and make sure the teaching style, format, and teacher are a good fit for you.

Online Spanish Classes Class Panama

Course Summary:

  • Hours / week: 4 to 30
  • Level: All; from Beginner to Advanced
  • Price: from $14/hour to $20/hour
  • Schedule: flexible
  • Course Content: tailored to meet your needs

What’s Included:

  • Digital Spanish course book
  • All Material Needed for Classes
  • Professional and dedicated teacher from CASS

Online Lesson Rates

Our Online lessons fill up fast. We recommend you book your classes ASAP to make sure we reserve your spot! 

Hours / Week123456789101112Additional Week

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