Panama is the southern most country in Central America. It is bordered by Costa Rica to the west and Columbia to the southeast. Panama has a population of about 3.5 million people with more than half the population residing the Panama City. Ninety-three percent of Panama speaks Spanish as their first language which makes it an ideal place to learn Spanish. Although the official and most used language in Panama is Spanish, it coexists with 19 other languages, such as the indigenous Bugle, Ngäbere, Embera, Wounaan, Kuna, Naso Tjerdi and Bribri( languages. There is also a large presence of English and English Creole.

There has been a huge American influence in Panama over the the century and this influence has lead to an array of English word based slang. A perfect example of this adaption is “parquea”. Normally you would “aparca” but in Panama you “parquea” which come from the English word ” to park”. Panamanians also “chopear” (from English “to shop”). Panamanians also go to “el mol” from the English word mall.

These small shortcuts make learning Spanish in Panama a breeze. We offer a variety of different Spanish classes here at the school designed to meet every students needs. Our Private classes are great for getting specific one on one attention and our Mini Group Classes are a fun way for your and your friends to interactively explore the Spanish Language. Our Small Group Intensive classes combine classroom time as well as practical experience in and around Casco Viejo. Our walking tours of Casco give you an opportunity to take in the sights as well as practice you Spanish.

We offer “Guide to Panamanian Slang” here at the school. Stop by for a visit and pick up a copy!