On the 12th of January 2012, Casco Antiguo Spanish School celebrated it’s grand opening in the heart of Panama City, the beautiful Casco Viejo. Since then, we have been lucky enough to help thousands of people learn Spanish. Speaking Spanish is an absolute asset, which once harnessed, literally doubles the size of your world. Who wouldn’t want 400 million potential new friends? For six great years, our school has been an exceptionally warm place for expats, travelers and students from all over the world to make friends with Panama, the culture of the country, and with each other.

Our accomplishments extend to social responsibility and giving back to our community and the country as a whole. The school is now located on picturesque Avenue A in Casco Viejo, but was previously housed within a community centre and we have retained a very strong relationship with many of our former NGO neighbours.

All those who come to Panama City, Casco Viejo and to the Casco Antiguo Spanish school, are captivated by the handsome colonial houses which greet you as you walk through the narrow streets. Casco’s cobbled floors with all their charm lead you toward an array of culturally rich experiences which we provide for all our students at no additional cost: salsa lessons, bike tours, shopping excursions and volunteering opportunities. These offer our students even greater chances to delve into the language and everything that comes with it.

We now have over half a decade of experience immersing our students in Spanish and the local culture. We are exceptionally proud of what we have accomplished and can hand on heart lay claim to being the best Spanish school in Panama City (head over to Trip Advisor to hear from some of our past students if you won’t take our word for it). We are also proud that our hallways have been littered with people from all walks of life and proficiency levels; we have taught students from Yaoundé to multiple ambassadors. We would like to thank everybody that has taken part in our journey so far, and for everyone else- you are cordially invited to celebrate our coming years and to experience for yourself the magic that is Casco Viejo.