If you feel like doing something different on Wednesday night, being active, outdoors and also making a bit of a change, then join the “Movimiento Ciclistas en las Calles de Panamá’’ in their weekly night bike ride. Every Wednesday at 7pm, at the parking strip in front of Hotel Miramar, one can find a gathering of Panama’s cyclists that seek to attract more attention for the bicycle as an alternative to cars and busses (and huge SUVs) for transportation around the city. The movement hopes to make society aware of the infinite benefits that cycling entails. The idea behind the movement is to join all people that have bikes, and to teach the ones that only just started to ride. People are being introduced to traffic laws and shown how to cycle safely on the streets of Panama City. Anyone who doesn’t have their own can rent one for $15 (helmets and lights are included). Today there are over 100 people regularly attending the rides which are accompanied by police cars in order to ensure the safety of all participants. Meanwhile, a partnership with the police has been established in order to restore second hand bicycles to make them affordable for you people. So if you want to have fun, be healthy and contribute a little to making a change, come and join us on one of these Wednesday nights!