The Month of November is the most important time for the Panamanian history. Basically everything of significance for the formation of the Panamanian state happened in these 30 days. When living in working in Panama, you really appreciate the density of holidays. This month there will be three (!) long weekend in a row. Casco Antiguo Spanish School will be closed for these days.
The holidays start with the second of November, which is dedicated to the worship and memory of the people that died in the fight for Panama’s independence. On that day people would usually visit the cemetery and place flowers on the graves. The day after officially celebrates the separation from Columbia. People start the fiesta early in the morning, the so-called ‘Dianas’ (a marching band) express the joy of independence in by playing traditional Panamanian songs. The fourth of November is the ‘Dia de la Bandera’ (the day of the flag). When in Panama City, don’t miss out on the change of the Panamanian flag on Cerro Ancon! The flag from last year is being burnt in an official ceremony and a new one for the next year is being raised. The ‘Dia de Colon’ on November the fifth marks the arrival of Columbian delegates in Colon, that came with the intention to revoke the declared independence. Yet, due to the brave Panamanians in Colon they never made it to Panama City as the people have stopped the train from running so due to the lack appropriate transportation the Columbians surrendered and returned to their now smaller country.